On-Call Scheduling

Save a ton of time building out your on-call schedule. No more emails and spreadsheets needed just to publish the on-call schedule to your team. Create multiple schedules to account for weekdays, weekends, holidays, and more. Not only will you and your team always know who’s on call, your team will also be automatically notified when their on-call shifts begin and end.

Shift-Change Notifications

OnCall IQ automatically notifies your team members when their on-call shifts begin and end. When a new request is created via incoming text or phone call from your answering service or a customer, your on-call team is notified in real-time and can easily access request details for quick resolution.

On-Call Phone Number

OnCall IQ gives you a smart on-call phone number in your local area code. All texts and calls received on that number will be routed to your current on-call team according to the on-call schedule in your account. You can publish your OnCall IQ number and let customers call directly, or you can forward your existing office line, or even tell your answering service to use your on-call number instead of needing to know the phone numbers of individual on-call team members.

Capture Every Request

Incoming texts or voicemails received at your OnCall IQ phone number are automatically converted into service requests. Each service request contains the original content from the text message or transcribed voicemail (and audio recording), along with customer name, phone number, etc. Requests can then be tracked by status (New, Open, Closed) until resolved – nothing slips through the cracks and every after-hours request is accounted for. 

Escalation and Assignment

Incoming requests created via text or voicemail (as described above) are automatically escalated and assigned to your on-call team based on rules you define. Each step in the escalation process is logged for a complete audit trail. During escalation, your on-call team is notified in real-time and they can quickly and easily acknowledge new requests right from the app on their smartphone.

Logging & History

Every request action is automatically logged by date/time and who performed the action. You’ll never again wonder how your team is handling calls. That’s accountability for your team, and peace of mind for you.

Mobile App

Your on-call staff can use our mobile app (for iPhone and Android) to easily access on-call schedules and handle after-hours requests in a single place. No more wondering if your techs were notified, and no more untracked personal voicemails and text messages that you can’t access or keep track of.

Convert Requests into Work Orders

[COMING SOON] If you use BlueFolder’s Field Service Software, you can automatically create work orders directly from requests in your OnCall IQ account. We are also planning integrations to other service management software.