Product Features

On-Call Scheduling

Save a ton of time building out your on-call schedule. No more emails and spreadsheets just to publish the on-call schedule to your team. Create multiple schedules to account for weekdays, weekends, holidays, and more. Not only will you and your team always know who's on call, your team will also be automatically notified when their on-call shifts begin and end.

Shift Schedule Notifications

OnCall IQ automatically notifies your on-call team members when their on-call shifts begin and end. When a customer leaves a voicemail in your account, your team can be notified via text/email and the notification includes a direct link to listen to the voicemail right away.

Your On-Call Number

OnCall IQ gives you a single customizable phone number in your local area. All calls received on that number will be routed to your on-call team according to the on-call shift schedule. You can publish your OnCall IQ number and let customers call directly, or you can forward your existing office line, or even use an answering service. No matter what you choose, we make being on-call easier.

Call Routing

Incoming calls can be routed to your team automatically. Just define your primary and backups, specify your preferred call routing option, and let it work. Any changes you make are easy and take effect instantly.

Call Recording and Logging

Every incoming call is logged and can also be recorded. You'll never again wonder how your team is handling calls. That's accountability for your team, and peace of mind for you.

Create Work Orders From Calls & Voicemails

If you have a BlueFolder Work Order Software account, you can automatically create work orders directly from calls and voicemails. New work orders will automatically have the recorded call or voicemail attached to the work order.

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