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Includes 5 users
($2/mo per add’l user)


  • On-call scheduling
  • Shift-change notifications
  • “Who’s On-Call” dashboard
  • Receive requests via text
  • Automatic escalation
  • Track request status & assignment
  • Audit trail for each request
  • Reports & analytics



Includes 10 users
($2/mo per add’l user)


  • Route incoming calls to on-call staff (live call handling) or direct to voicemail
  • Shared voicemail your whole team can access
  • Transcribe voicemails to text
  • Record customer calls
  • Customizable escalation
  • Answering service compatibility
  • Call customers back from app
  • 500 minutes for calls & voicemail
    (per month, $0.15 per add’l min)


  • Integrate with your service management system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-call scheduling?

On-call scheduling helps you keep track of who’s on-call and when. Build on-call schedules for weeks or months in advance so your whole team knows when they are on-call. When a schedule’s start day & time arrive, the affected on-call employees are automatically notified so nobody forgets about their on-call responsibilities.

How do I receive service calls via text or voicemail?

Your OnCall IQ account includes a phone number that can receive texts or phone calls. Texts are immediately converted into new service calls, or comments on existing service calls. Incoming voice calls are sent to a voicemail and the message left by the caller is turned into a new service call.

What is the Who's On-Call Dashboard?

The Who’s On-Call Dashboard is a publicly accessible web page that displays who is on-call right now based on the current on-call schedule in your account. You can use it to allow customers, employees, partners, or your answering service to know who’s currently on-call for your company without them needing to login to OnCall IQ. 

Is OnCall IQ an answering service?

No. We aren’t trying to replace the answering services that many companies use when they need a live person to answer after-hours calls.

Can I use OnCall IQ with an answering service?

Absolutely! In fact, we highly recommend this for companies that need a live person to answer after-hours service calls. With OnCall IQ, your interaction with your answering service becomes easier and streamlined. Instead of your answering service attempting to directly contact your on-call staff, they can simply text your OnCall IQ phone number with the details of each service call they receive. That information will be turned into a service call in your OnCall IQ account and we’ll take care of notifying your on-call staff based on the current schedule and escalation rules you’ve defined. You also won’t ever have to tell your answering service who’s on-call because they’ll be communicating directly with your OnCall IQ account instead of needing to know who’s on-call and how to contact them – OnCall IQ takes care of all of it.