The smart alternative to cumbersome answering services.

OnCall IQ helps you manage on-call schedules, notify your team members of shift changes and new requests, and ensure a high level of service for after-hours operations.

What is OnCall IQ?

Offering 24/7 service can be a real pain.

Where are you feeling it?

On-Call Technicians

  • Forget when they’re supposed to be on-call.
  • Don’t know the latest on-call schedule.
  • Complain about unfair distribution of on-call shifts.
  • Customer information trapped in their personal voicemail and text messages.

Answering Service

  • You have to manually send the on-call schedule to your answering service.
  • They might be charging you for every change you make.
  • They sometimes contact the wrong on-call tech about an after-hours incident.
  • You’re relying on the answering service to manually escalate each call until they reach someone from your team.

Service Managers

  • Spend too much time building and distributing on-call schedules manually.
  • Have a hard time tracking and managing what’s happening after-hours.
  • Worry about customers having a bad experience as a result of poor follow-up or response times.


  • Know they need to offer after-hours service to be competitive and grow their business.
  • Have little to no visibility into after-hours operations.
  • Wonder if every after-hours business opportunity is being handled properly and profitably.
  • Might be on-call themselves because they don’t a have system in place to delegate on-call responsibilities to their team.

Imagine a better way

to deliver stellar 24/7 service…

Team-Wide Visibility

  • Always know who’s on-call with a centralized on-call schedule your whole team can see at any time.
  • Know the status of every open request and who’s responsible.
  • Single-pane-of-glass snapshot of your after-hours operations.
  • Automated notifications empower your team to always know when their shifts begin and end.

Immediate ROI

  • One-step setup – tell your answering service and/or customers to use your OnCall IQ phone number and immediately begin tracking every incoming text and call.
  • Automatic incident creation – each text or call to your OnCall IQ number is immediately tracked as a request.
  • Simple, easy on-call management – immediately eliminate time spent keeping your team and answering service up to date with the on-call schedule and the status of after-hours incidents.

Smart On-Call Management

  • Governance of every after-hours request – with status, tech assignment, and audit trails of communications with the customer.
  • Intelligent routing ensures that customer calls are always sent to the right on-call team members for immediate resolution.
  • Automatic escalation on your terms prevents customer calls from slipping through the cracks.
  • Easily customizable┬áto handle seasonal scheduling modifications, emergency off-hours throttling, and adjustments to your current staff size.


This is how we eliminate your pain points.

On-Call Schedules

Create on-call schedules so your whole team always knows who’s on-call and when. No more emailing spreadsheets or posting schedules in the break room.

Shift Notifications

Automatically notify your on-call staff when their shifts begin and end. Your techs will always know when they are on-call.

Mobile App

A mobile app your on-call staff can use to easily access on-call schedules and handle after-hours requests in a single place. No more untracked personal voicemails and text messages that you can’t access or keep track of.

On-Call Phone Number

A customizable on-call phone number (in your area code) that always reaches your current on-call team. Bring your existing phone number if you want to.

Call Routing

Route incoming calls and texts to your current on-call team based on the schedule you define. Team members can answer calls or respond to texts in real-time.

Escalation & Assignment

Automatically assign new requests to your on-call staff with customizable escalation rules that guarantee your on-call staff is notified in real-time of every after-hours request.

Service Requests

Incoming texts or voicemails received at your OnCall IQ phone number are converted into requests that can then be tracked by status until resolved – nothing slips through the cracks.


Reports to help you keep track of fair distribution of on-call shifts, after-hours request trends, and more.

Logging & History

Detailed logging enables you to know the complete history of every after-hours request – how it was created, who it was assigned to, what was communicated to the customer, etc.

Already Using an Answering Service? Great!


OnCall IQ works great with answering services and adds a useful layer of technology to help easily manage on-call operations.

Simply provide your OnCall IQ number to your answering service and tell them to text customer call information to that number instead of contacting your on-call staff directly. Whenever they take a new customer call and text the information to your OnCall IQ number, our app will log the incoming request and automatically handle the notifications to your on-call staff, giving you complete control and visibility of the escalation process.

We make the whole process easier for you and your answering service – win/win!

"OnCall IQ helps us ensure a high level of service with every call."

– Sharon Baranky, Cool Calgary Air Condition & Mechanical Maintenance